what can i do if my HVAC system can’t keep up with Cooling or heating the house on Hot and cold day ?

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First  of all if your System is sized correctly then it should be able to keep up on a Hot or Cold days .if your system is way under sized , then  it will be running all the time and unable to keep  your House Comfortable .  Zoning your HVAC  System could be one of the option to correct this issue .
what is Zoning ?
Zoning in very simple term is dividing the House into several areas . Each Zone will Cool or Heat by itself at a giving time .
Example :
One story 2000 sf Home  with existing 3 ton Cooling System . In the Summer time when temperature reaches above 90 degree System will run all day , but it will not Cool the house as temperature inside the house stays at 80 degree , no matter how long the System runs.if the House can be Divided to 2 Zones , one Zone is all the bedrooms and the second is the rest of the House ,then all We need is to Cool half of the house till it is Comfortable , Then Cool the other half if it is occupied , doing  this may save some energy but more important will make this occupied part of the Home much more Comfortable during the Hottest part of the day much faster .
this is Called  Zoning .
Zoning  can be Retrofitted to existing System or installed with new System and new ducting for replacement and remodeling .
Comfort Air is a Honeywell Preferred Dealer , we can install or replace your existing ducting , HVAC  System or Zoning system to make your Home more Comfortable .
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