It’s Heating Time Again

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 Its this time of the year when colder weather is back and heating is in .

winter time when  you  get to turn on our heater .

First thing that is  needed to be done  is to inspect the heater air filter and make sure that it is clean and your heating equipment is ready.

Manufacture of your  heaters recommend that a professional inspection .

 preventive maintenance must be done in order to be sure that your heater is working safely and as efficient as possible.

Preventive maintenance should include testing your heater performance-and inspecting component to make sure your heating equipment it is up to factory specification.

Inspecting air flow and heat raise on the heater to insure that we are not running more air  or less air than heater was design for. making sure we have no carbon monoxide in the air vents or in the house and  inspecting gas pressure to the heater for proper combustion.

 The above is very general information about keeping your heater safe and working hard to keep you and your family safe and warm during winter season.

If you need any repair or replacement for your heating system please .

contact us

we are  happy to assist you in any way we can.

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