Air Conditioning System The Best Cooling Tips

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Interestingly enough a big Air Conditioning may not be your ideal answer to the Summer Heat. It might in fact provide you with less Cooling than a smaller Unit, since smaller A/C Units run longer than bigger ones which tend to cycle on and off more. Running longer permits smaller units to maintain a more Comfortable Temperature.This is done by removing more moisture from the Air (thereby getting rid of Humidity) and ultimately giving you greater Comfort.

Outdoor air conditioning unit

 Selecting equipment’s  for Central Air Conditioning with the  proper size is of considerable importance .This Need to be done by Professional Heating and Air Contractor

  Few Cooling Tips That  Will Save Your Air Conditioning Systems from Breaking Out in a Sweat:

  1. Use Whole House Fans to help maintain a Cooler temperature . This is Done by moving Cooler air through the whole house and removing  Hot Air through the Attic. Whole house fans work best during night time when the outdoors temperature becomes cooler than the indoors temperature .
  2. During summer months your Thermostat should ideally be set as high as possible. The closer the temperatures of the inside to the outside the less your cooling bill .
  3. set your fan’s speed on high, unless of course the weather is particularly humid in which case you will be better off Setting it at a lower speed.
  4. Use an interior fan to complement your window air conditioner. This will give your air conditioner a helping hand and distribute the cool air better without unnecessarily increasing your electricity bills.
  5. Placing your lamps, TV sets etc. near your thermostat is a big no-no. Heat from these appliances can be detected by the Thermostat making the air conditioner run unnecessarily long.
  6. Its OK to put a trees or shrubs to shade your air conditioner but make sure they don’t come in the way of the airflow An air conditioner unit functioning under a shade will use almost 10% less of energy than one placed directly under the sun.

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