Jobs & Careers in the HVAC Industry

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The HVAC industry is a rapidly expanding industry, thanks to an ever increasing demand for Heating and Air Conditioning  products and services.

Ever since man started to modify the environment that he was living in, there has been a need to find ways that can accomplish exactly this.

This has included everything including that of changing the quality of the air in our living environment.

Today, the HVAC industry is busy serving this exact market need, quenching a demand for Air Conditioner that allow modification of the local climate.

With the rise of this industry, so has the demand for skilled labor to cater to the demands of Repair and Service for the customers.

This has allowed for new opportunities to emerge to job seekers, if Air Conditioning  is the sectors that they desire growing their careers in.

This demand is likely to continue for the time being, making it possible for people to find avenues of employment which promise advancement and opportunities for learning.
The emerging career prospects are both direct as well as indirect.

When it comes to the actual positions there are several different ones that prospective employees can choose from.
1.) DIRECT:-

a) White Collar Jobs:

The first most important opportunity is in the white collar positions of companies. With steady growth in the HVAC sector, there are a lot of white collar positions that are opening up everywhere, in order to provide the manpower to keep HVAC System running.

This includes the jobs such as administrators, managers, HR personnel, Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating Service Managers .

b) Blue Collar Jobs:

These are the physical labor jobs which are directly involved with the installation and maintenance of HVAC systems. They require a certain amount and overall level of Training to get things done.

They are the ‘boots on the ground’ of the HVAC, as they are the ones who get all the actual physical work done everywhere, be it the installation of new HVAC systems or the repair of old Air Conditioners.


These are the jobs that are generated as a result of the creation of the primary jobs.

The jobs that are generated through this manner are mainly through the consumption of the goods and services by these companies.

It is estimated that for every single job created directly, there are several other jobs that get created indirectly.
With regards to the pay, it is certainly paying fair and living wages across the board.

Being a growing sector, there is sufficient demand for skilled laborers, meaning that companies are constantly at war with each other to hire the best talent.

One of the ways that this has manifested itself is through a rise in the wages, in an effort to attract the best and the brightest in the labor force. Air conditioning contractors are currently busy headhunting in a lot of places to get more people on the payrolls.

As a whole, the HVAC sector promises a great deal of opportunities for people if they are looking for a career in the field.

Being a growing sector, one is bound to find a position that will be perfectly suited for them, if they are skilled and qualified enough for getting the job.