A General Introduction to the HVAC Industry

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Humans since ancient times have tried to change the environment to suit the climates that they have lived in.

This has been the story ever since man stopped the old ways of hunting and gathering; and instead chose to live in permanent settlements. The change that man desired in the environment has been everything, from the elevation and vegetation to the climate.

Of all the things that man sought to change everywhere, there has always been one thing which man has wanted to control; air and its characteristics.

While changing topography, ecology and the general surroundings was fairly simple, other issues haven’t been so easy to take care of. It has always been a struggle to keep things warm and stable throughout much of history; people have mostly relied on fire to keep warm and unique engineering and architecture to keep cool.

Today, that story has continued to play out all over the world, with the added advantage of science and technology.

The advancement in science and technology has enabled advanced and complex means to be created, which has made everything a lot more easily than it used to be.

For example, hot deserts can have air conditioning systems that can bring about a temperate climate with real ease. In the same way, a cold climate can have heating systems that can provide the same temperature as a tropical paradise.

In our day to day life, HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry plays a major role. In the cities and other areas, the climate of residential, commercial and industrial buildings is heavily regulated and modified. The air is heated or cooled in accordance with the preference of the building’s occupants.

The HVAC industry might not be of prime importance in place where the climate is fairly good and well tolerated. But in areas where the seasons can go into the extremes, be it in the deserts or tundra, the industry is extremely important. Given the fact that one has to create a suitable climate or suffer under the one being imposed, be it a cold or a hot one, the HVAC industry is certainly in great demand in such places.

With regards to the actual industry, it is divided into three parts:

1.) Heating This refers to that part of local climate control which allows for the room temperature to be heated. It is always in areas that experience very cold temperatures, especially during the winters.

2.) Ventilation The term ventilation refers to the circulation of air in a building. Keeping the same stale air is extremely unhealthy and has a very

bad effect on health. This issue can be taken care of by making sure that the air doesn’t stagnate inside the building.

3.) Air Conditioning This is the part of the indoor air quality control which removes heat from the air, lowering the overall temperature. It is frequently used in places that experience very high temperatures, such as the tropics and the sub-tropics.

AS a whole, the HVAC industry has a great deal of potential to grow all over the world.

Considering that the world’s population has constantly been growing and will continue to grow in the near future, the industry has plenty of room to improve, grow and expand.